Babas Pervasiveness & Mercy

Babas Mercy

In 1910 Baba was sitting near Dhuni on Diwali and warming himself.He was putting firewood into the Dhuni which was burning brightly.Little later instead pushing logs of wood,Baba pushed his arm into the Dhuni,his arm was scorched and burnt.This was noticed by the errand boy Madhav & Madhavrao Deshpande(Shama).They at once ran to Baba and clasped Baba by his waist and dragged him forcibly and asked Deva you done this?Then Baba came to his senses and replied “the wife of a blacksmith was working in the bellows of furnace at some distance,her husband called her and forgetting that her child was on her lap,she got up hastily and the child slipped into the furnace.Baba immediately thrust my hand into furnace and saved the child.Baba did not mind his arm burnt but,he was glad that the life of the child was saved.”

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